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WOW – I had an absolutely amazing time in an absolutely beautiful country, Tanzania, and will never forget my time with the people I met there. I like to recommend to everyone, who likes to help children and women, who don’t have the possibility to go to school, have parents, a family or just a save home. So please, don’t hesitate and open your mind to travel to Africa and make an unforgettable experience for your life. It was wonderful to work with all those beautiful people, who were so grateful to me and wanted to show me a new culture, a different life-style and just to make me feel like home. I will miss you and I will never forget this time. Thank you very much, asante sana, vielen dank!!!

Janina, Switzerland

Interning at the African Court was an exciting and educational experience, as was living in Arusha, and I am glad to have traveled to Tanzania with Projects Overland.  The staff of the organization have tremendous kindness and warmth; Peter, Eva, Katharina, and Abyudi all treated me like family and made me feel very welcome in Arusha.  One of the things I was looking for in this trip was an authentic, culturally immersive visit, and I am pleased that Projects Overland provided that: learning basic Swahili (allowing me to converse with neighbors, shopkeepers, and others), commuting via public transportation, and staying with a local host all contributed to a rich experience in which I was integrated into the local community.  I appreciate Projects Overland providing me a fulfilling and rewarding introduction to Tanzania.

Alexander, USA