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Welcome Speech

Board Chairman Augustino RamadhaniOur board chairman Augustino Ramadhani welcomes volunteers from all over the world to serve people in need in Tanzania under the support of Projects Overland, a volunteer organization operated through the Anglican Church of Tanzania (Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro).

Born in Zanzibar in 1945, Augustino Ramadhani was the second born of a family of eight children. He enjoyed good education on the Tanzanian mainland where he graduated high school in 1965 and went to University of Dar es Salaam for his Bachelor of Law until 1970.
Afterwards he joined the army (Tanzania People’s Defence Force) and was sent to Uganda for the battle of Kagera. When he came back to Tanzania in 1980, he became the Chief Justice of Zanzibar – the highest judge of the island.
Later he also acted as the Vice Chairman of the National Electoral Commission of Tanzania (NEC) and as a Chairman of the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC).
In 2001 he was appointed to one of the judges of the East African Court, where he advocated Human Rights. His aim of promoting legal rights for all Tanzanians was also awarded later, in 2012, when he received the Dr. Martin Luther King Drum Major for Justice Award by the US Embassy.
Most people in our country know Augustino Ramadhani best for being the Chief Justice of Tanzania from 2006 to 2010 – a position he was appointed to by President Jakaya Kikwete.

In September 2014 the African Court of Human and People’s Rights elected Augustino Ramadhani as to the top judge.

“As the chairman of Projects Overland, a volunteer organization operated through the Anglican Church of Tanzania, I want to warmly welcome people from all over the world to our beautiful country Tanzania. Best known for its exotic wildlife, picturesque landscapes and romantic beaches, thousands of tourists come to Tanzania every year. But the country is also still a developing country. Lacking in infrastructure, the majority of our native residents are impoverished. Health care and education are rare commodities which many people can’t afford and this is why diseases like HIV/AIDS are still spreading. Malnutrition and the lack of access to clean water are major problems.

But the people of Tanzania are very warm hearted, welcoming and willing to learn how to fight for a better future.
And this is why Projects Overland was created! We support these people in their communities through different projects: health care, education and social work. Our commitment is to serve people in need in Arusha, Moshi, Zanzibar and surrounding areas.

And we welcome volunteers from all over the world to work in our projects and help the native residents by contributing their time, skills and resources! We offer safe and affordable accommodations, effective and appropriate volunteer placements and rewarding experiences. Supporting international volunteers and empowering native Tanzanians are our main goals and our vision!

Projects Overland truly appreciates the efforts and contributions of all volunteers and encourages them also to get to know Tanzania as travelers. You can plan wildlife safaris, cultural expeditions and city tours through our organization.
If you have some time, no matter if a week, few months or even a year, and you want to help people in need and gain lifetime experiences – contact us for more information about the projects and how you individually can help best. Everybody is welcome, because we are sure that every person has his or her personal skills and resources to work for a better future for thousands of people in Tanzania.

Knowing that your costs of travel are already high, we want to support your dream of volunteering through fair fees. The costs include accommodation, staff wages and maintenance of the projects. We from Projects Overland know the area and the needs of the people and will assist you through your whole volunteer experience.
All I can say is karibu sana Tanzania, which means you are very much welcome to our beautiful country!”